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NSpine: Plastic closures in complex tumour resections

Peter Varga, a hugely experienced tumour surgeon with one of the largest primary tumour practices in Europe, shares his experience and techniques in plastic closures in complex tumour resections


Spinal Improvement Partnership between The Walton Centre NHS Trust and Northgate Public Services set to enhance patient safety

 The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust will become the first centre of excellence for spinal services to give surgeons and medical device manufacturers detailed insight on the long term effectiveness of


TOSCA® Standard and Expansion – Anterior Cervical Stabilization

Promotional feature In 2005, the first SIGNUS plate for anterior cervical stabilization was launched: TOSCA. It offers the user a high degree of flexibility for ventral stabilisation of C2 to


NSpine: Complex cases

Abhay Nene, a highly experienced paediatric deformity surgeon from Mumbai, delivers an impressive talk on complex cases he has encountered


Blood pressure can be controlled without drugs after spinal cord injury

Dr. Richi Gill is back at work, able to enjoy time with his family in the evening and get a good night’s sleep, thanks to research. Three years ago, Gill


Student uses zebrafish to study spinal deformities

Popular in aquariums all over the world, the zebrafish is native to South Asia. But in a Cincinnati Children’s laboratory, the freshwater variant plays a vital role in scientific discovery.


Dr Kern Singh takes spine surgery to the next level

Dr. Kern Singh of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush is one of a few spine surgeons in the Midwest performing endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery. This new, ultra-minimally invasive technique allows


NSpine: The effects of ablation technology in spinal metastasis

Alexander Disch from Dresden, Germany, provides a detailed view on the effects of ablation technology in spinal metastasis


New treatment allows some people with spinal cord injury to regain hand and arm function

Using physical therapy combined with a noninvasive method of stimulating nerve cells in the spinal cord, University of Washington researchers helped six Seattle area participants regain some hand and arm


NSpine: Dysraphic spinal conditions

Professor Dachling Pang explains the pathogenesis of dysraphic spinal conditions