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Cavendish Medical Column: New details on NHS retirement flexibilities released

Patrick Convey on how to apply for partial retirement options   As we reported in our last column, if you are a member of 1995 Section of the NHS Pension Scheme


UK’S leading medical professionals come together to protect NHS with creation of UK’s first ‘Medical Writers Club’

The UKs first ‘Medical Writers Club’ was officially launched on Tuesday 12th September at the Chelsea Physic Garden.  The RCH100 Medical Writers Club is a unique body of 15 of the


Breaking free from tradition: How VR is preparing tomorrow’s medical students

The operating room of any health system is its most lucrative and expensive asset. Recent advancements in surgical technology have led to skyrocketing demand for minimally invasive, robotic procedures, a


Women Spine Network – Together for Science

For the first time in its history, Spineart is organizing an exclusive event for women in the spine industry in Luzern, on September 22nd-23rd, 2023. The goal of this program


Intelligent design of the JASPIS® ST disc replacement implant from SIGNUS

Anterior Cervical Fusion  The JASPIS® ST disc replacement implant from SIGNUS has been developed specifically for the requirements of anterior cervical vertebral fusion (C3 – TH1).  With JASPIS® ST we


Surgeon in Focus Q&A with Farah Musharbash

Farah Musharbash, MD, is an orthopaedic surgery chief resident at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr Musharbash received his undergraduate degree in Physiology from McGill University in Montreal,


Outdated technology costs UK surgeons an entire month of workday hours per year

A survey of 300 UK surgeons has found that each surgeon loses an average of four hours a week due to inefficient technology. This is equal to more than an


Significant potential development in spinal cord injury therapy, developed by father and son team

Initial research indicates that PerinelineTM, which received Orphan Drug Designation in 2022 may improve neuroplasticity and neuroregeneration to enable new synapses to be made. Pre-clinical data indicates that the therapy may


Royal College of Surgeons of England ‘lays out the pathway to achieving and maintaining safe robotic assisted surgery’ in the UK

Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) is here to stay and comes with the potential to completely transform the way aspects of surgical care are delivered. It is already being used in many


Copper could help create clearer MRI images and improved diagnosis

Scientists have found a new use for copper in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent design, that could help to create better images which help doctors diagnose patients’ conditions more