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CSRS Prague 2016: 32nd Annual Meeting of the Cervical Spine Research Society

CSRS Prague 2016: 32nd Annual Meeting of the Cervical Spine Research Society – Europe

11–13 May 2016; Corinthia Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

The Cervical Spine Research Society – Europe (CSRS – Europe) was first founded in June 1983. Professor Mario Boni from Pavia, Italy, attended the 8th meeting of the CSRS – North America in 1980 and was so impressed that he set about the creation of a European section of the CSRS. The first annual meeting of the CSRS – Europe was held in 1984 at Osnabrück in Northern Germany. Since then, the Society has held over 30 annual meetings at major cities throughout Europe.

The CSRS – Europe is a multidisciplinary, non-profit-making charitable organisation. It is dedicated to helping patients suffering from disease, injury and other conditions affecting the cervical spine. It is a forum for the advancement of knowledge, education and training, and supports clinical and basic science research into the causes and treatment of cervical spine disorders.

The activities of the CSRS – Europe aim to encourage and develop the next generation of cervical spine surgeons. In addition to an Educational Annual Meeting, the CSRS – Europe runs two instructional, ‘hands-on’, cadaver courses every year in Barcelona, Spain.

As a not-for-profit organisation, funds raised by the society are used to support ongoing basic science and clinical research. The scientific research and education committee considers applications for research grants and annually awards small start-up and recurring grants to a maximum of €25,000 annually.

CSRS – Prague 2016

The 32nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society is being held in Prague, Czech Republic, at the Corinthia Hotel, on 11–13 May 2016.

Since the Middle Ages, ‘Golden Prague’ has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world. Many nations and cultures, especially Czechs, Jews and Germans, co-existed peacefully in the magnificent city of Prague that developed over the centuries along the Vltava River.

The programme committee will select around 42 scientific papers for oral podium presentation after a rigorous, blinded review process. The authors of additional abstracts submitted will have the chance to present their work as scientific posters and/or E-posters throughout the meeting.

The three-day meeting will commence with a welcome reception at the Corinthia Hotel in the Bellevue Room on the 24th floor with a unique and magic view of Prague.

During the meeting there will be a number of scientific lunch symposia, several debates on cervical spine topics where there is controversy in best management, as well as ‘round table’ debates with international guest speakers. There will be several highlights, with two ‘best of show’ sessions for both oral presentations and poster presentations. There will also be two keynote lectures delivered by the Presidents of CSRS (USA) and CSRS (Asia-Pacific). The meeting will conclude with the announcement of the 2016 Mario Boni award-winners.

The gala dinner will be organised at a French restaurant in the Municipal House, the most important Secession building in Prague. It stands on the spot of the former Royal Court Palace, which served as a residence of Bohemian kings between 1383 and 1485. The beautiful decoration in art nouveau style was made by famous artists at the beginning of the 20th century, especially by the great Czech artist Alfons Mucha.

A little quiz question for you: where in the world is beer cheaper than water in pubs? Come and find out for yourself what Pilsner or Budvar taste like on a sunny spring evening in Prague in May 2016.

All information related to the 32nd Annual CSRS Meeting is regularly updated at the meeting website:

32nd Annual Meeting CSRS – Prague 2016

Local host

Petr Suchomel MD (Liberec, Czech Republic)


Programme committee

Chair: Carlos Villas Tomé MD (Pamplona, Spain)

Ronald Bartels MD (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

Bengt Lind MD (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Carmen Vleggeer-Langkamp MD (Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands)



CSRS 2016 Secretariat: GUARANT International

Na Pankráci 17, 140 21 Prague 4

Czech Republic

T: +420 284 001 444

F: +420 284 001 448