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Research shows investigational drug fosters nerve repair after injury

Scientists from the University of Birmingham have shown that a brain-penetrating candidate drug currently in development as a cancer therapy can foster regeneration of damaged nerves after spinal trauma. The research, published


Easing access to quality post-injury care can save lives

Experts are launching a major study to help reduce the likelihood of people in developing countries dying unnecessarily from injuries caused by accidents or violence. Every year five million people


Patients should receive COVID-19 vaccine before surgery to reduce risk of postoperative death

Patients waiting for elective surgery should get COVID-19 vaccines ahead of the general population – potentially helping to avoid thousands of post-operative deaths linked to the virus, according to a


Covid positive patients should delay surgery to reduce death risk

Surgery should be delayed for seven weeks after a patient tests positive for COVID-19 – as operations taking place up to six weeks after diagnosis are associated with increased risk