By: 22 March 2023
DIPLOMAT with INTROX High V from Signus

Reduced bone quality is a particular challenge in spinal surgery.

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Decreased primary stability due to secondary screw loosening or secondary migration of the screws out of the vertebral body may be the result. 

To increase the initial good hold of DIPLOMAT pedicle screws in reduced, structurally weakened bone quality, additional fixation of the screw in the bone with INTROX High V bone cement is used. Screw – augmentation is, among other options, one of the most common techniques in structurally reduced bone quality. 

INTROX® HighV is a fully closed cement system.      

The most important features of INTROX® HighV bone cement are its suitable high viscosity, so that the application, through a cement adapter allows a controlled cement distribution in the vertebral body by the clinician. The cement has a long application time, high concentration and homogeneous distribution of the contrast substance for optimal viewing conditions in X-rays. 

DIPLOMAT® is a sophisticated, modular and versatile fixator with cannulated and fenestrated pedicle screws in many diameters and 5.5 mm titanium rods. 

 Manufactured by:
Teknimed | 8, Rue du Corps Franc-Pommiès | 65500 VIC en Bigorre / France | 

 Distributed by:
SIGNUS Medizintechnik GmbH | Industriestr. 2 | 63755 Alzenau / Germany | |