By: 19 April 2022
The next generation SIGNUS

In 1994, Uwe and Susanne Siedler jointly founded SIGNUS – based in Alzenau, Germany. From the beginning, the great passion of the medical technology company has been “to set new standards in spinal surgery.” Since 2015, daughter Mareike Siedler has also been fully committed to the mission of her parents’ company.

“Only together we can secure the long-term future of our family business,” say Uwe and Susanne Siedler. The family thinks and acts across generations. The constant goal for almost 30 years: to seize and use entrepreneurial opportunities to support physicians and medical specialist personnel with innovative and safe solutions for the treatment of spinal disorders – for optimal patient mobility in everyday situations.

Now, on April 1, 2022, the two founders welcome the next generation Mareike Siedler as member of the board: “Our daughter’s breath of fresh air is strategically important for the future of our company. Ever since she joined, she has been a driver of new perspectives, ideas and plans.”


Mareike Siedler

After several years in product management, Mareike Siedler took over as Head of Marketing in 2017. At this point, the project next generation SIGNUS starts. The fresh air of the successor generation is clearly noticeable: “Our strong family business should continue to develop into a strong brand with my commitment,” says Mareike. An important step in this direction was the comprehensive modernisation of the SIGNUS corporate identity.

For her future at SIGNUS, Mareike has not only gained experience in her parents’ company. She also qualified herself in various positions and companies outside her own family business. This independence was important to all parties, because: “this is how I was and am able to appreciate the roots and tradition of my parents’ company and at the same time set my own entrepreneurial and innovative impulses,” says Mareike. In general, a strong sense of connection with the company founded by her parents has always accompanied her throughout her career.


“The Future is now” – SIGNUS is future-oriented

In addition to her duties as Head of Marketing, Mareike is now also taking on responsibilities as member of the board. “The early involvement in all major decisions in the company should prepare our daughter well for the succession to lead SIGNUS.” So Susanne Siedler.

In this way, the areas of product management, communications & events, as well as studies will be viewed and integrated even more globally in the future. “Only with the willingness to think and act digitally and innovatively worldwide will we be successful on the global markets,” confirms Uwe Siedler. This also includes a company that is becoming increasingly transparent – a company that is approachable: since Mareike joined the company, SIGNUS has been more present than ever with its website, social media channels, newsletter and web seminars.

In addition to this innovation and short decision-making processes, it is above all the values of the Siedler family that make the SIGNUS family business attractive and create a close bond with the employees. “We work here with people who, in some cases, have shared the SIGNUS spirit with us from the very beginning, and we are very grateful for that,” says Susanne Siedler.

Passion, as well as a focused and open attitude – these are values that were also given to Mareike and that bind her to the family business with full commitment: “I’m looking forward to being a decisive part of SIGNUS’ future!”


SIGNUS – the Sign for Spine: Passionate! Dynamic! Worldwide!

Innovative high-end implants made in Germany: For almost 30 years, SIGNUS has been the experienced specialist for comprehensive solutions in the surgical spine care sector. Founded in 1994 in Germany’s Lower Franconian city of Alzenau by Susanne and Uwe Siedler, our family-owned company currently has staff of approx. 80 at sites in Germany and Australia. SIGNUS offers the comprehensive product range of cervical spine to SIG sacroiliac joints, which are predominately manufactured at the nearby production site of ProCon Medizintechnik. In addition to Europe (CE) and the USA (FDA), we sell our certified implants throughout the world on every continent. Target-oriented further development of the products in connection with the continuous exchange with the users as well as international further education and hospitalisation programs make SIGNUS a reliable global partner.

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