Robot ROSA™ Spine: First minimally invasive spine surgical procedure

By: 1 April 2015
Robot ROSA™ Spine: First minimally invasive spine surgical procedure

Robot ROSA™ Spine: First minimally invasive spine surgical procedure at Amiens-Picardy University Hospital

Montpellier, France, December 1, 2014 – MEDTECH (Euronext, FR0010892950 – ROSA ) a company specialised in designing, developing and marketing innovative surgical robots, is pleased to announce the first surgical intervention with the ROSA™ Spine robot since it received the CE mark.

The operation was performed by Doctors A. Fichten and M. Lefranc at the Neurosurgery Department of Amiens-Picardy University Hospital. The patient presented symptoms associated with a degenerative spine disorder and was treated by lumbar fusion with a posterior approach.

Helped by the ROSA™ Spine robot, the surgical team implanted four pedicle screws with a minimally invasive technique, whilst at the same time reducing radiation exposure for the patient and health care staff present in the operating room. ROSA™ Spine aided the surgeons not only in the decisive stages of planning and  instrument navigation but also in positioning the implants in the patient’s vertebrae.

Concerning the ROSA™ Spine robot, Doctors Fichten and Lefranc said “We are proud that this first spine procedure assisted by the ROSA™ Spine robot has been a success. This opens promising perspectives for the treatment of spine disorders.”

Bertin Nahum, CEO and Founder of Medtech commented: “After receiving the CE mark  for ROSA™ Spine, this first procedure performed by the neurosurgery team at  Amiens-Picardy University Hospital is a new major milestone passed with success. The operation demonstrates ROSA™ Spine’s capacity to respond to the challenges of minimally invasive spine surgery.”

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