By: 16 April 2015
Upping the BioGlass ante with new bioactive product launch

NovaBone Products, a biomaterials company located in Florida, USA, is expanding its portfolio of bioactive bone void fills with two new products based on a combination of bioactive glass and bovine collagen.

MacroFORM Packable Graft combines 85% bioactive ingredient with collagen in a mixing cup, while MacroFORM Composite combines 90% bioactive ingredient with collagen in a preformed strip. Company officials from NovaBone Products claim that MacroFORM’s highly bioactive collagen scaffold is engineered to have an open porous structure to enhance the absorption of bone marrow aspirate and facilitate bone growth. Both products can be manipulated into a putty format after mixing.

“We are especially proud of this collagen-based product and will continue to pioneer collagen grafting options,” said NovaBone’s President Arthur Wotiz.

Source: Orthopedics This Week