By: 1 September 2011

The ROMEO2®MIS K wireless system A new milestone in minimally invasive spine surgery

With its new ROMEO2MIS system, Spineart has achieved a new milestone in minimally invasive spine surgery by offering surgeons the first minimally invasive K wireless spinal fixation system including a unique screw or blade based M.I.S. retractor system not requiring a table attachment.

The greatest single limitation to all existing M.I.S. screw systems is their reliance on implantation of a K wire.

The opportunity to remove the K wire from the surgery predicts favorably for marked improvements in procedural efficiency, infection risk, and radiation exposure.

The K wireless option is designed to enable the surgeon to reduce intraoperative x-rays, reduce the risk of a K wire migration or handling problems and simultaneously reduce the learning curve associated with common M.I.S. techniques.

In addition to the K wireless option, the ROMEO2MIS system contains features such as the possibility for micro-open, pure percutaneous or hybrid approach techniques, a bilateral controlled, accurate and progressive spondylolisthesis reduction capacity and synergy effects with the JULIETTL and JULIETOL cage range.

The ROMEO2MIS system contains an integrated self retaining M.I.S. retractor system allowing a parallel distraction of the vertebral bodies in order to facilitate decompression and cage insertion.