By: 30 September 2021
Annual Spine Technology Awards confirm Sectra as a frontrunner in orthopaedics

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra, together with its clinical collaboration partners, has been acknowledged for its implant movement analysis service, Sectra IMA.

Sectra was recognised by RRY Publications LLC and Orthopedics This Week for its innovative technology developed to improve the standard of care for patients with spine disease. The award will be handed out at the 36th Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS) in Boston, USA.

Sectra Implant Movement Analysis (IMA) is a service for postoperative follow-up that visualises the movement of loose implants in patients with a high level of precision using CT images. This means that the surgeon can better decide what course of action will help the patient, thereby avoiding unnecessary and risky revision surgery in cases where no unwanted movement is found.

Senior research scientist at Sectra, Olof Sandberg, says, “This recognition is the fruit of a collaboration between industry, research and healthcare providers. Sectra IMA is based on ideas developed at the Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Hospital by a team led by now late professor Lars Weidenhielm. As a result, Sectra can now offer surgeons real clinical value, increase effectiveness in healthcare and thereby contribute to better care for patients.”

To date, Sectra IMA has been introduced for use on hip and spine patients in Sweden and the Netherlands. In Sweden, over 400 clinical examinations have been conducted.

“We are now working to expand the areas in which the service can be used, including support for analyzing knee implants, which is an important focus area for reducing the unnecessary suffering of patients,” continues Olof Sandberg.

Watch a video and read more about Sectra IMA or visit one of their upcoming events to learn more.