By: 6 May 2021
CERCCESS – Cervical retractor system

Both simple and complex treatments of the cervical spine require not only the highest degree of safety but also a comfortable and absolutely reliable instrument set. CERCCESSTM combines all these properties.

It is a secure and modular retractor system for all ventral procedures on the cervical spine. Only through continuous improvement has SIGNUS been able to satisfy the demand for quality without compromises with CERCCESSTM.

CERCCESSTM, the cervical retractor system from SIGNUS, enables optimal exposure of the surgical field during ventral cervical treatments, e.g. VBRs (e.g. ATHLET®), cages, prosthesis (ROTAIO®) and plate systems (e.g. ASCOT®).

The CERCCESSTM retractor system from SIGNUS is an intelligent modular instrument system for the anterior cervical spine and can be optimally combined with SIGNUS implant systems for the cervical spine (e.g. JASPIS® ST, RABEA®, NUBIC®).

The lateral and longitudinal distractor with a range of different blades is used for soft tissue retraction and ensures unimpeded access to the site. For optimal adaptation to individual anatomical conditions, the blades are available in various designs.

The finely adjustable, multi-segment pin distractor enables, together with the sterile supplied self-drilling and self-tapping distractor pins, the distraction and compression of one or more spinal segments and keeps the disc space stably and reliably in the required position during the preparation.


CERCCESSTM Product-Specific Advantages

Double-arm joints on the lateral and longitudinal distractor

  • Retractors can be quickly and securely adapted to any surgical situation involving the cervical spine and enable unimpeded access to the site

Simple intraoperative handling

  • Side-loading blade slot enables a simple change of blade and procedures that are gentle for patients
  • Reduction of personnel required to the minimum

Selection of blades designed to suit the anatomy of the cervical spine

  • Secure retention of the tissue
  • Least possible additional tissue trauma and rapid convalescence
  • Also for obese patients
  • Optimised exposure of the surgical site

Distractor blades made from Titanium grade 4 as per ASTM F 67 / ISO 5832-2

  • Low weight


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