By: 18 January 2021
RABEA by SIGNUS – gold standard in anterior cervical fusion

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SIGNUS developed the first plan-parallel fusion cage worldwide. RABEA® received CE approval in 1996 and is, more than 25 years later, still gold standard in anterior cervical fusion. With its proven design, RABEA® is simple and efficient.

The disc replacement implants were developed for the specific requirements of anterior cervical vertebral fusion (C3 – TH1). The implant ranges are available in various designs, footprints, heights and angles to enable adaptation to different patient anatomies.

RABEA® is either available as solid titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) or as high-‑performance PEEK‑ OPTIMA®. For successful osseointegration the open design permits the cage to be packed with natural or synthetic bone graft substitute such as KAINOS® Inject. The large selection of implants provides for a high degree of intraoperative flexibility and ensures restoration of the intervertebral space. For RABEA® there are disc replacements available in a 5° lordotic angle as well as plan-parallel implants.


Product-Specific Advantages

Rectangular design

  • Familiar Smith-Robinson surgical technique

Open implant design

  • Can be packed with natural or synthetic bone graft substitute
  • Promotes osseointegration

Artefact-free MRI imaging*

  • Optimal postoperative monitoring

Proven SIGNUS serrated cage design

  • Secure anchoring in the bone owing to high primary stability
  • Reduced risk of implant migration

Titanium marker*

  • Easy and reliable identification and positioning of the implant

Only one instrument required for implantation

  • Simple and safe handling
  • Economically efficient

*Applicable only for RABEA® PEEK



Innovative high-end implants made in Germany: For more than 25 years, SIGNUS has been the experienced specialist for comprehensive solutions in the surgical spine care sector. Founded in 1994 in Germany’s Lower Franconian city of Alzenau by Susanne and Uwe Siedler, our family-owned company currently has staff of approx. 80 at sites in Germany and Australia. SIGNUS offers the comprehensive product range of cervical spine to SIG sacroiliac joints, which are predominately manufactured at the nearby production site of ProCon Medizintechnik. In addition to Europe (CE) and the USA (FDA), we sell our certified implants throughout the world on every continent. Target-oriented further development of the products in connection with the continuous exchange with the users as well as international further education and hospitalisation programs make SIGNUS a reliable global partner.

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