By: 17 November 2020
Scoliosis Research Society announces the launch of SRS iExperience

The Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) announced the launch of SRS iExperience. These interactive online courses are designed to be highly interactive, media rich courses that include direct instruction, animation, surgical techniques, interactive practice with feedback, and self-assessment. This new format hopes to bring personalised learning to spine deformity surgeons around the world, building competency and confidence in performing both surgical and non- surgical procedures.

The first iExperience course, focused on Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS), is now available on the SRS learning platform, BrightSpace. EOS module was created by an international editorial team (Laurel Blakemore, Sumeet Garg, Lawrence Haber, Brice Illharreborde, Ying Li and Muharrem Yazici) with the consultancy of Valugen. Procedures within the EOS course are: casting, growing rods, and hemivertebrae resection. Each procedure contains clinical evaluation, pre-operative planning, OR setup and patient positioning, neuromonitoring, procedural technique, and post-procedure care.

“It’s delivered by the true authority in spinal deformity management, the SRS…They use a competency and problem-based approach to design the [course], helping me learn to solve problems makes learning most relevant to transfer into my practice.” – Mert Cetik, MD

SRS is in the process of creating additional courses to compliment the SRS Core Curriculum that was developed in 2017. An editorial team has started work on the Spondylolisthesis course, to be released in mid-2021. SRS intends to release one to two additional courses in 2021, with the remaining Core Curriculum domains to be created in the coming two to three years.