By: 18 March 2020
10 November, Oswestry Spinal Course for GPs and AHPs; Oswestry

This spinal course is aimed towards GPs, physiotherapy practitioners and extended scope practitioners interested in increasing their understanding about spinal conditions and their diagnoses.

It is important for all concerned to speak the same language and have the same understanding about history, physical examination, interpretation of investigations and treatment plan for spinal conditions.

The programme for 2018 is here and for 2019 is here for information BUT please note that the programme for 2020 will focus on different aspects, so it can be attended each year. The programme for 2020 is currently being developed but will be a mixture of lectures and patient presentations.


10 November 2020
Oswestry Spinal Course for GPs and AHPs
Location: Oswestry
T: 01691 404661