By: 24 December 2019
Signus product features

JASPIS® ST – Anterior Cervical Fusion

Our latest member in the ST-Line by SIGNUS family, JASPIS® ST is implanted in the C3 – TH1 spinal region using the proven Smith-Robinson technique. As well as the simple implantation procedure, the large surface area of cage maximises the area of contact to the vertebral body and also maximises the filling volume. The open design of the implant permits the cage to be packed with natural or synthetic bone graft substitute such as KAINOS® Inject. Restoration of the intervertebral space can be guaranteed by a large selection of implants that at the same time offer a high degree of intraoperative flexibility. In addition to the parallel implants, JASPIS® ST is also available in an 8° lordosis angle to restore the sagittal balance. JASPIS® ST received CE-mark in October 2019. Herewith SIGNUS consistently strengthens its ST-Line portfolio.

Product-specific advantages

• Intelligent design

– Familiar Smith-Robinson surgical technique

– Rectangular design for simple intraoperative preparation

– 0° and 8° implant lordosis to restore sagittal balance

– Different footprints and 1mm height gradations for optimal adjustment to the patient anatomy

• Open implant design

– Can be packed with natural or synthetic bone graft substitute

– Promotes osseointegration

• Smooth lateral surfaces

– Reduced risk of injury of the surrounding tissue

• Large contact area with the vertebral body

– Secure implant positioning

– Reduced risk of subsidence

• Macroporous titanium structure

– Resembles natural cancellous architecture

– Enables both growing-on and growing-in of bone

• Increased roughness in conjunction with proven SIGNUS toothed cage design

– Secure anchorage in the bone owing to high primary stability

– Reduced risk of implant migration

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