By: 25 September 2018
Case management service launched by Spinal Injuries Association in partnership with  Bush & Company Rehabilitation

An elite case management service dedicated to people with spinal cord injuries was launched earlier this year by the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) in partnership with the UK’s largest independent provider of assessment, case management and expert witness services, Bush & Company Rehabilitation.

SIA Case Management builds on a 30-year relationship between the two organisations to establish an industry-leading service. Focused on ensuring people with spinal cord injuries receive the care and support they need, this partnership offers clients and solicitors the right support from specialist case managers with expertise in spinal cord injury, while working across the whole of the UK.

Working with spinal cord injured clients and solicitors, the case management service will work to identify, plan and meet the specific needs of spinal cord injured clients in order to help them rebuild their lives after a devastating injury or diagnosis.

Sue Browning, Chief Executive for SIA, said: “We have worked closely with Bush & Company for many years. We both work hard to provide quality care to support spinal cord injured people to lead fulfilled lives.

“Together we are building on our experience and expertise to create a national service that will improve the quality of care for people with spinal cord injuries. As well as providing a high quality service to those with a legal settlement, this partnership will help SIA to support all SCI people by providing long-term sustainable income to fund services for all. It is also a great opportunity to share the knowledge and skills of two of the leading organisations in the SCI community.”