By: 16 December 2016

Greater flexibility and efficiency for all treatments

To ensure optimal patient treatment, the demands placed on a pedicle screw system are very high – regardless of the particular indication. Both simple and complex treatments of the spine require maximum security and stability, but an ergonomic and fundamentally reliable instrument set is another absolute must for the surgeon. DIPLOMAT from SIGNUS combines all of these features. It is a secure, modular and also cost-effective fixation system for all spinal procedures.

With the DIPLOMAT® MIS pedicle screw system SIGNUS offers now a modular extension of the existing DIPLOMAT® pedicle screw system. This permits the full functionality of the cannulated and fenestrated polyaxial pedicle screw system to be extended with minimally invasive access instrumentation to achieve optimal tissue protection. Thus, multisegmental distraction and compression, as well as sagittal repositioning, can easily be undertaken. The surgical strategy can also be modified from “minimally invasive” to “open” at any time using the same instrumentation and implants without opening any further sterile trays. As the DIPLOMAT® pedicle screw system is a modular system with removable tulips (standard, reduction and percutaneous tulips) the surgeon is able to choose the screw shaft out of the whole available screw sizes range: 4.5 mm up to 9.5 mm diameter and 25.0 mm up to 100.0 mm length – all screws are cannulated and fenestrated.

The DIPLOMAT pedicle screw system is in use all over the world and was successfully launched in the USA during the NASS meeting in Boston.

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