By: 16 September 2016
Progenerative Medical obtains exclusive rights to tissue regeneration technology

Progenerative Medical is set to develop and commercialise negative pressure therapies for the spine and general orthopaedics.

Progenerative Medical, Inc, a clinical-ready medical device company announced they have entered into a technology licensing agreement with Kinetic Concepts (KCI).  The license grants PGM exclusive, worldwide rights to KCI’s extensive intellectual property and preclinical product development portfolio enabling effective delivery of negative pressure therapy for orthopaedic and spine indications.

“This agreement provides the foundation for our team, rich in talent and experience, to translate the very promising results seen in extensive preclinical studies into products with the potential to significantly improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction in orthopaedic and spinal surgeries,” said James Poser, CEO and Co-founder of Progenerative Medical, Inc.

Poser continues, “As a group the co-founders have a twenty-year collaborative history in development and commercialisation of clinically proven products.  We each made significant contributions to KCI’s R&D efforts that led to these new spine and orthopaedic indications for negative pressure therapy.  PGM is now uniquely positioned to continue development and innovation in this field, and to proceed with outcomes-based clinical studies and regulatory filings.”

PGM is based in San Antonio, Texas, a community instrumental in the development, worldwide adoption and commercial success of negative pressure technologies.  The license enables a first-in-its-class negative pressure technology specifically targeting the skeletal system (bone, cartilage and joints) and, therefore, affords the opportunity to expand the applications of clinically proven negative pressure therapy and to transform industry-wide clinical practice.