By: 14 September 2015
DIPLOMAT – Greater flexibility and efficiency for all treatments

DIPLOMAT – Greater flexibility and efficiency for all treatments

The new DIPLOMAT thoracolumbar fixation system was developed to achieve the optimal balance between clinical performance and user-friendliness.

The DIPLOMAT pedicle screws are available as a two-piece implant. The screws can be combined with the separately available standard, reduction and MIS tulips, meaning that there is no need to change systems.

In practice, the tulip offers important advantages: The surgeon can remove and replace them as required in situ. With a profile of only 14.9mm, unwanted protrusion is prevented even in very slim or young patients. The locking mechanism ELASTOLOK® ensures the highest strength for the screw-tulip connection.

The self-tapping double-threaded screw provides excellent anchoring in the bone even without tapping. The increased thread pitch with a displacement of 4.5mm per rotation enables faster insertion. All pedicle screws from Ø 5.5mm are cannulated and fenestrated. The surgeon can thus perform augmentation at any time and intraoperative issues are more easily resolved.

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