By: 15 December 2014
6–8 April 2016 – BritSpine 2016, Nottingham

6-8 April 2016 – BritSpine 2016, Nottingham

This year’s BritSpine 2016 meeting and exhibition will be taking place at Nottingham Conference Centre, a bespoke conference facility that blends with the traditional buildings around it, which is part of Nottingham Trent University. The central venue has a superb track record and has been chosen specifically to allow BritSpine 2016 to offer the best facilities for the attendees and commercial partners.

In addition to the main paper presentations, there are a number of unique sessions including:

  • Changing law on medical consent: an essential session featuring an eminent local QC and chaired by Mike Grevitt.
  • Grandmasters of spine symposium: past spinal masters share their wealth of experience on what they did wrong, their worst case and what they would do differently.
  • AOSpine tumour session: updates from the Tumour Knowledge Forum and the excellent Peter Varga speaking on reconstructive techniques in spinal tumour resection.
  • ‘Best of the best’ papers session: chaired by Phil Sell and John Dormans.
  • The first Scoliosis Research Society Worldwide event at a BritSpine conference.
  • Spine Care Strategy 2020: important and politically charged discussions chaired by Alistair Stirling.

BritSpine 2016

Venue: Nottingham Conference Centre

Contact: UK Spine Societies Board


T: 07730 747709