Quantum™ Spinal Rod System

Pioneer Surgical Technology successfully introduced its low profile Quantum Spinal Rod System (QSRS) in Europe. The Quantum system can be considered as the next generation spinal rodding technology. Fast, consistent and easy to use are the key features. You can use this unique system for different purposes: Percutaneous Mini-Open Open – Complex Spine.

The three stage locking is unique: BLOCKING allows free movement of the screw head while retaining screw/rod capture, STOPPING allows for compression/distraction and rod rotation, LOCKING results into fixed and consistent screw/rod relationship. This last locking position can be easily unlocked in order to achieve a more satisfying result (compression/distraction adjustments). This assures a consistent reliable lock.

The Quantum MIS Rodding System is designed for one or two level fixation and can be used with both regular Quantum Polyaxial Screws and Quantum Cannulated Screws along with Locking Caps and MIS Rods. This guarantees a seamless conversion from Minimal Invasive to Mini-Open to Open surgery.

The Quantum Complex Spine System was developed to provide a new layer to the QSRS. Quantum Complex Spine provides a full complement of thoracolumbar implants and instruments which allow surgeons to address a number of complex spine indications.