By: 9 May 2024
Neurokinex calls on impact investors to make flagship Leeds facility a reality

Neurokinex – a provider of specialist activity-based rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury – is calling on impact investors to help make its proposed flagship Leeds facility a reality.

Specialised gym rehabilitation for those with neurological impairments, such as stroke or spinal cord injury, has been proven to have life-changing beneficial effects.  Unfortunately, to date, people in the North of England must travel hundreds of miles to access such services.

A proposed Neurokinex Leeds site could provide transformative rehabilitation to people in the North of England. As a charitable trust (Charity No 1169964), Neurokinex is reliant on grants, funds and donations to open this new site. So far, £400,000 of the £650,000 needed has been raised thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, People’s Postcode Innovation Trust and Edward Gostling Foundation.  But these donations are time-limited and if the final £250,000 needed isn’t raised by the end of June 2024, the opportunity may be lost.

“There is a desperate need for specialist neurorehabilitation services in the North of England,” says Harvey Sihota, founder and CEO of Neurokinex. “We have a number of clients travelling hundreds of miles to reach our sites in the South East. Meanwhile, many more who can’t navigate this post-code lottery are missing out massively on their rehab.

“Not only does this affect individuals and families by limiting their recovery, it puts them at greater risk of secondary complications with their physical and mental health, slowing their progress back to work, school and society,” continues Harvey. “Everyone has a right to rehab and we know from the communities served by our other sites how beneficial and valuable it is to have community-based services available. I sincerely hope people can help us reach our target so we can bring this specialist activity-based rehabilitation to Leeds.”


Sound investment

Neurokinex has been delivering life-changing community-based rehab in Bristol, Hemel Hempstead and Gatwick for 10 years. A proven and successful not-for-profit business, it offers a wide range of intensive neurological rehabilitation for adults and children living with spinal cord injury, MS, traumatic brain injury and paralysis from Stroke.

Neurokinex is affiliated to the NeuroRecovery Network and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, enabling it to offer unique protocols to clients. Fully committed to research and development, Neurokinex works closely with universities, hospitals and organisations to trial new technology that pushes the boundaries of spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Its proposed Leeds site will partner with the University of Leeds to further advance spinal cord injury rehabilitation for clients in the North or England and beyond.

Can you help?                                                                                      

Neurokinex is calling on businesses and individuals to step forward with investment and donation funds to bring these ground-breaking, proven rehab protocols within reach of those in the North.

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