By: 23 May 2022
EduWeek 2022: Where spine expertise meets educational excellence

Dominique Rothenfluh, EUROSPINE Education Council Chair is looking forward to welcoming spine surgeons all over the globe to the world renowned IRCAD in Strasbourg, France on 27–29 June 2022 for EduWeek 2022.

EduWeek is the flagship education event of EUROSPINE providing access to high quality education to spine care specialists in Europe and beyond. EUROSPINE EduWeeks have welcomed and educated 1,192 spine surgeons since 2012.

EUROSPINE’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes will be delivered during EduWeek. EUROSPINE Education have adopted a blended learning approach consisting of an e-learning and a live component of the course modules. Acquiring knowledge takes place with lecture videos online hosted on the EUROSPINE eLearning platform. Deepening of learning takes place live with case-based discussions and skills workshops.

The EUROSPINE learning platform hosts the e-learning component, scientific programme, participant workbook, faculty bios, video and reading resources and more. The live component is delivered at the EduWeek which will be an intensive full 3 days of simultaneous and parallel course modules that are highly interactive and hands-on including: plenary sessions, case-based discussions, roundtable discussions, cadaver laboratory workshop, work with simulators, and/or practice instrumentation on synthetic bones.

49 faculty experts from all over Europe will share tips, notions, and pearls in spine surgery. In 2021, we have welcomed 179 participants in the virtual EduWeek. We are already expecting over 100 spine surgeons registered to date and we hope to welcome more. We encourage registrations here:

Beyond the intensive learning gained from the comprehensive content, engaging workshops and exciting skills labs, accidental learning, networking, new friendships, and future collaborations can happen within the halls of IRCAD as participants and faculty gather.

The EduWeek’s e-learning components are accredited by the UEMS EACCME accreditation body. The live component’s accreditation is in process. The EduWeek 2022 is a compliant third-party educational event based on the MedTech Europe Code. It is also accredited and endorsed by EFORT’s Education Platform.

EUROSPINE believes that we can enable our spine care specialists to deliver high quality patient care through education and training opportunities through its diploma programmes, diploma equivalence and other initiatives. We hope that we can reach many more spine surgeons in our upcoming EduWeeks.