By: 22 November 2021
Scoliosis Research Society announces Annual Meeting 2022 dates and global courses

The Scoliosis Research Society have recently announced a change in the Annual Meeting 2022 location to Stockholm, Sweden on September 14-17, 2022 at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre 

The SRS Annual Meeting hosts more than 1,500 attendees from around the world who take part in nine, faculty-led instructional course lectures, case discussions, and 180 abstract papers on an array of topics.  

“After a very successful meeting in St. Louis last September, we look forward to our 57th Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden,” said Suken Shah, chair of the SRS Education Council. “The Annual Meeting promises to be the best-in-class educational and networking opportunity for all who share the passion of caring for patients with spinal deformity among our international community.” 

For more information on our Annual Meetings, review the SRS meeting website.  


A Global Menu of Virtual, Hands On and Traditional Courses for New Year 

In addition to the Annual Meeting update, SRS released the full list of meetings, Spine Deformity Solutions: Hands-on Courses and Traditional Worldwide Courses for 2022. SRS members take great pride in offering courses and learning opportunities that are truly global.  

“In April, we celebrate the best of innovation and early adoption of techniques for cervical deformity, MIS and spinal disorders with the 29th IMAST in Miami April 6-9, 2022,” said Shah. “Research and interactive case-based lectures presented by our international cadre of faculty thought leaders and scientific presenters. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn of cutting edge, practice-changing options for your patients.” 

Our Global courses kick off this month with the first-ever global virtual option. This curriculum-based, interactive course combines lectures, case presentations, and panel discussions covering a broad range of spinal deformity issues.  

The 2022 Current Concepts in Spine Deformity courses will host events in Santiago, Chile in July and Warsaw, Poland in November.

The 2022  Spine Deformity Solutions: A Hands-On Course provide an opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and improve their skills through training and discussions with leading spinal deformity surgeons from throughout the world. This year’s Spine Deformity Solutions: A Hands-On Course are in Bordeaux, France and Singapore. 

Traditional Worldwide Courses this year span the globe from Patna, India; Seoul, Korea and Shenzhen, China to Fortaleza, Brazil and Mexico City, Mexico. 

“The Society is committed to spreading education regarding spinal deformities on a global perspective. This is achieved by organising various types of courses across the world,” said Dr Saumyajit Basu, chair of the Global Education on Spine Deformity Committee. “The faculty is chosen from SRS members of high educational standing that are frequently in leadership positions with huge experience in spinal deformities. This global educational effort has helped thousands of professionals involved in spine care, thus fulfilling the mission of SRS and establishing its global credentials of a truly academic society of the highest order.” 

For complete information on the SRS meetings and courses, review