By: 2 January 2020
Book review: Consultant Medical Interview Guide

Publisher: Oxford Medical
Edition: 6th
Year of Publication: 2019
Pages: 200

The book gives details of the consultant appointment process explaining the used terminology and topics you might be asked.

The chapters cover advice on how to know the job, yourself and the system. As well as knowing what are the pertinent issues within the NHS and your speciality to set you up in the right mindset for a good performance on the day. It then moves on to describe how to deliver a good presentation and how to structure a good interview response. It finishes with an extensive list of example interview questions.

I found the section on the structure of the NHS very useful as it was concise and covers different regions within the NHS. What intrigued me is the approach it takes of self-directed learning to get the reader to think about their own experiences rather than give them a model answer, because interviewers want to find out about you: your experiences, opinions and who you are.

It is easy to read and uncluttered. Each section contains a boxed paragraph that summarises some of the vital learning points. It would be suitable to those in early stages of preparation, as well as a final aid memoir before the big day.

They also offer a digital version, which allows the reader to enter, save and edit notes that they make in the boxes for the various exercises. This book forms a comprehensive