By: 6 September 2018
Ti-iT® – osseointegration technology – eight years of clinical success

icotec’s Ti-iT® osseointegration technology is a clinical success story. Never changed since its introduction eight years ago, icotec’s rough plasma sprayed titanium coating provides reliable osseointegration of spinal implants. During the fusion process, the fully Ti-iT coated cages provide a conduit for osteoblastic activity across the endplates and between fusion levels.

Ti-iT osseointegration technology was designed based upon the abundant science and clinical data from orthopaedic/spinal applications, spanning over 40 years*. Ti-iT fulfills all ASTM strength requirements for porous coatings. Osseointegration studies show a rapid, load-bearing integration of the Ti-iT coated implants into the host bone as early as six weeks*.

Ti-iT will not create imaging artifacts in any diagnostic imaging. Therefore the known, excellent radiolucent properties of icotec’s BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK material are kept. icotec is the world leader of Carbon/PEEK implants for spinal applications, especially for tumour indications (primary and metastatic).

*References upon request


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