By: 1 May 2018
Signus product features

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Diplomat® – One system for three indications – Open, Minimally invasive and Deformity

Greater flexibility and efficiency for all treatments: to ensure optimal patient treatment, the demands placed on a pedicle screw system are very high – regardless of the particular indication. Both simple and complex treatments of the spine require maximum security and stability but an ergonomic and fundamentally reliable instrument set is another absolute must for the surgeon.

DIPLOMAT from SIGNUS combines all of these features. It is a secure, modular and also cost-effective fixation system for all spinal procedures.

Thoracolumbar posterior instrumentation



  • Experts for experts

Optimal performance

  • In-situ changeable tulips

High flexibility for best treatment

  • Double thread with high thread pitch

High stability and time saving

  • Canullated, fenestrated and augmentation adaptability

Easy handling and optimal security


Minimally invasive posterior instrumentation




  • Percutaneous instrumentation

“open“ and “MIS“ without system switch

  • Minimal access

Small tulip diameters enable minimal approaches

  • Integrated reduction options

Covers most of all MIS reduction maneuvers

  • MIS distractor/compressor

For perfect decompression of the intervertebral disc space

  • Few components

High efficiency


Treatment of spinal deformities



  • Hook-based system

Safe lamina anchorage

  • Less traumatic surgery

Reduced surgery time and less blood loss

  • Rescue/Revision

Anchorage options with destroyed pedicles

  • Low radiation exposure

No need for intraoperative X-rays

  • Small set

Self-explanatory instruments and easy handling


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