By: 24 April 2018
Orthogem launches TriPore Putty

Orthogem launched TriPore Putty at EuroSpine, Dublin as the company debated the ethics of the use of iliac crest autograft for spinal fusion.

Having recently gained full European CE approval, Orthogem saw EuroSpine, held in Dublin last year, as the ideal venue for the launch of TriPore Putty, its new synthetic bone graft putty.

TriPore Putty has been developed by Orthogem to provide superior handling and bone regeneration throughout the entire ceramic body and not just at the graft surface in spine surgery.

The microstructure of TriPore is optimal for osteogenic activity and is created by Orthogem’s unique manufacturing process.

Unlike other ceramic bone grafts, TriPore’s structure allows for osteocyte formation throughout the entire ceramic body and not just at the graft surface.

Other ceramic bone grafts have been shown to either be absorbed too quickly or to not fully resorb. TriPore remodels at the same rate as the bone heals, supporting the body’s natural healing process.

As part of the TriPore launch, Orthogem sponsored a highly engaging debate titled, “This house believes that using iliac crest autograft for spinal fusion is ethically unacceptable”.

The quality of debate, chaired by Nick Birch, was exactly what was expected given the academic credentials of the speakers and chair. It attracted surgeons from across the globe to hear two of Europe’s leading spine surgeons talk, Bronek Boszczyk and Claudio Lamartina.

The aim of the debate was to change the views of those attending to support the motion and use bone graft substitutes like TriPore Putty in spinal fusion. This was achieved with 10 per cent of the audience before the debate supporting the motion to 70 per cent of the audience after the debate.

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