By: 19 April 2018
Neurokinex launches Charitable Trust to support those with spinal cord injury

Neurokinex, a provider of neurological activity-based rehabilitation, launched the Neurokinex Charitable Trust in January to provide specialised neurological rehabilitation for various forms of paralysis.

The Neurokinex Charitable Trust has four key aims:

  • Providing specialised neurological rehabilitation and wellness programmes through community projects, National Health Service partnerships and research collaborations.
  • Reducing financial hardship experienced by those who suffer from a disability related to a neurological impairment, through the provision of financial assistance.
  • Advancing education through the support of scientific, medical and technological research into neurological conditions and the publication of useful research.
  • Promoting education and training by providing financial assistance to improve the provision of neurological rehabilitation for those with neurological impairments.

The Neurokinex Charitable Trust has three campaigns:

Neurokinex Kids Fund: Raising funds to implement a specialised Neurokinex Paediatric Programme based at Neurokinex Gatwick, West Sussex.

Bursary Fund: An open-ended campaign where donations will contribute to the participation in Neurokinex Activity-Based Rehabilitation programmes.

Innovation Fund: An open-ended campaign where donations will contribute to the improvement of Neurokinex rehabilitation programmes, specific facilities, data collection and the collective knowledge and skills through the funding of training courses, knowledge sharing workshops, specialised rehabilitation or diagnostic equipment or even focused research projects.

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