By: 23 January 2018
WOMBAT® ST by SIGNUS – Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion

Easy implantation – maximum support

With good to excellent ingrowth results, porous implants have become established as the gold standard in endoprosthetics. Our WOMBAT ST fusion implant makes use of this successful spinal surgery method: WOMBAT ST consists of a titanium grid structure which, with its defined pore design, imitates the architecture of natural bone. The interconnection between the pores ensures optimal oxygen and nutrient supply, creating the optimal basis for bony ingrowth. The roughness of the implant – in addition to its proven SIGNUS teeth design – optimises the primary stability and counteracts migration of the implant. WOMBAT ST is positioned diagonally in the intervertebral space through a transforaminal access, which greatly simplifies the surgical technique. In addition, the lateral surfaces are embedded in a smooth frame to minimise the preparation needed and to protect the nerve structures during implantation. To optimise anatomical adaptation, the implants are biconvex and to allow for sagittal alignment, there is an option also available with a lordotic angle of 6 degrees.



Product-specific advantages

Open, macroporous titanium structure

– Resembles natural cancellous architecture

– Enables both growing-on and growing-in of bone

Diagonal implant placement

– Easy and rapid implantation in a single surgical step

– No complicated turning of the implant as needed for banana-shaped cages

Flattened implant apex

– Easier implantation with self-distracting design

– No removal of the posterior edges of vertebral bodies

Large contact area with the vertebral body

– Secure implant positioning and reduced risk of subsidence

Biconvex design with or without lordosis

– Anatomical adaptation in the intervertebral space

– Optimal restoration of the sagittal alignment

Increased roughness in conjunction with proven SIGNUS toothed cage design

– Secure anchoring in the bone owing to high primary stability

– Reduced risk of implant migration

Smooth lateral surfaces

– Less preparation required and protection of nerve roots.


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