By: 20 April 2015
FH Orthopedics spine unit boasts new cervical disc prosthesis

FH Orthopedics has developed an elastic spine prosthesis for cervical disc applications.

Available in heights from 5 to 7mm, with three different footprints, the CP-ESP is part of a new generation of intervertebral disc replacements that offer better shock absorption and automatic return than traditional disc replacements. A version for lumbar disc replacements, LP-ESP, has been available since 2004.

ESP discs are preferred alternatives to spinal fusion as they preserve a patient’s spine mobility and mimic the natural disc properties. Using a minimally invasive anterior approach, the discs are easy to implant and allow a short hospital stay and quick return to normal activity. By restoring normal curvature and disc function, the ESP should provide patients suffering from degenerative disc disease with a significant reduction in pain severity.

The monobloc design of the ESP implants features two titanium alloy end-plates and cap closures separated by a supple polycarbonate urethane cushion and a silicon core filled with compressible beads. This acts as a shock absorber while also providing oxidative stability, undetectable wear debris and mechanical strength. Ridges on the titanium alloy plates transform any rotation between the two metallic parts into compression and traction forces in the internal deformable assembly and prevent micro motion. Small pegs protrude from the prosthesis end-plates to provide primary fixation between the vertebrae, and effective secondary fixation is achieved with a hydroxyapatite coating on an undercoat of pure porous textured titanium.

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