By: 11 February 2015
Endoskeleton TL: first lateral fusion device to feature surface technology
Titane_Device_TL Surface View

Titane_Device_TL Surface View

The Endoskeleton TL represents the first lateral fusion device to feature surface technology that is designed to participate in the fusion process by creating an osteogenic response to the implant’s topography.

The device utilises Titan’s proprietary roughened titanium surface technology that has been shown to upregulate the production of osteogenic and angiogenic factors that are critical for bone growth and fusion. In addition, the design of the TL device incorporates large windows and large internal volumes to allow for significant bone graft packing, clear CT and MRI imaging, desired bone-graft loading, and the ability to pack additional bone graft material within the device following implantation.

The TL is the byproduct of a unique collaboration between academic biomaterial scientists, spine surgeons, and industry experts to create a truly differentiated lateral interbody device that is designed to benefit both patients and surgeons.

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