By: 30 January 2015
Vertebral body replacement with smart endplate design

Following corpectomy in the thoracic and lumbar regions, a reliable vertebral body replacement (VBR) device is needed to secure support for cortical bone and provide reliable replacement for the natural weight-bearing structures.With POSEIDON, this is achieved through a distinctive endplate design.



A large rectangular endplate that reaches up to the cortical area minimises the risk of implant subsidence. In addition, the teeth on the endplates provide primary stability and prevent dislocation. The slightly convex shape allows the implant to rest securely on the endplates of the adjacent vertebral bodies. The mechanics of these three features combined ensure rotational stability of the implant and make POSEIDON a safe VBR solution.

POSEIDON offers a wide range of component combinations: five different sizes of the base body, from 30 to 80mm, with a diameter of 20mm, can be combined with endplates in a variety of sizes and angles. This high degree of modularity adapts to the patient’s anatomy, thus maximising the bone-implant interface and the implant’s rotational stability.

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