By: 6 March 2014

A new and innovative portable device designed to alleviate lower back pain, naturally, has launched in the UK. LumbaCurve™ has been developed over six years and combines the best of East and West traditional therapies, offering easy, effective and drug-free pain relief for back pain sufferers.

According to National Back Pain Society 2013, lower back pain plagues a reported 10 million Britons every day, resulting in a reliance on over-the-counter remedies and an estimated £530 million annual spend on pain medication. Significantly, the majority of lower back pain complaints are associated with the lumbar region and this is only rising due to increasing sedentary lifestyles.

Using patented technology LumbaCurve™ combines a Passive Gravity Assisted Traction (PGAT) with the effect of acupressure stimulation.

Simply slide LumbaCurve™ under the base of the spine, when lying in a comfortable position on firm and comfortable flooring. This stretches the lower back, causing the vertebral joints to separate. This in turn relaxes the discs and frees up the spinal nerves, thus providing pain relief. It also avoids direct pressure on the spine and sacrum, which would cause pain in the very area that requires relief. Position LumbaCurve™ comfortably in the lumbar region of the lower back, before practising careful stretching exercises to optimise the contact areas of LumbaCurve™ to the area of pain.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr George Ampat FRCS, comments, “Having personally used the LumbaCurve device after suffering from lower back pain, I believe that LumbaCurve is of benefit to some patients suffering from discal problems, amongst other lower back pain issues that commonly occur. I am very interested in the ongoing development of this product, including the completion of the Randomised Control Trial currently underway at the Allied Health Professions Research Unit of the University of Central Lancashire.”