By: 6 March 2014

Aurora Spine Corporation announced in December the first surgical implant of the company’s ZIP ULTRA Minimally Invasive Interspinous Implant in Germany. The surgery was performed at Kliniken des Landkreises Lorrach in Southwest Germany by Professor Pfieffer.

This surgery marks the expansion of the use of Aurora’s MIS device into another country. The company works to continuously innovate in order to provide surgeons with the efficiency, simplicity and security they desire during minimally invasive procedures.

“It has been our honour to work with Dr Pfeiffer, Dr Rozeik, and their teams. Through our collaboration, the first ZIP ULTRA MIS Interspinous Fusion system surgeries in Germany have been completed,” stated Laszlo Garamszegi, Chief Technical Officer of the company. “We are excited to continue to extend the reach of the ZIP MIS Interspinous Fusion system beyond previous locations. We believe that this new fusion technology will allow patients to rapidly resume their normal routines.”