By: 11 June 2012

REAL TIME Intraoperative Implant Verification

InCT™: fast, low radiation, intra-operative verification of implant placement, based on standard OR equipment.

Mazor Robotics’ InCT™, the latest feature of Renaissance™ Surgical Guidance Robot, enables surgeons to intraoperatively verify implant positioning quickly and efficiently in 3D, while using any standard 2D C-Arm.

A 15-second fluoroscopic scan is taken in the OR immediately after screw positioning (prior to insertion of rods) with a specialised reference marker (fiducial array). These images are merged with the pre-op CT, superimposing the screws from the fluoro scan onto the pre-op CT. This provides accurate and sharp imagery of the implants on the high quality pre-op CT images of the patient, with minimal radiation to the patient and to the OR staff.

Because implant revisions should be a thing of the past.

Learn more about Renaissance™ Surgical Guidance Robot with InCT™ application at How Robotics is Changing Spine Surgery Symposium at SpineWeek (booth 213).