By: 11 June 2012

mediRod - New kind of pedicle screw system from Medicon eG

On the occasion of SPINEWEEK Amsterdam 2012 Medicon eG, Tuttlingen launches “mediRod” the new pedicle screw system for thoracic and lumbar spine. mediRod was developed in cooperation with Dr. Heinrich Böhm (Department of Orthopaedics, Spinal Surgery and Paraplegiology, Zentralklinik Bad Berka, Germany).

Cannulated pedicle screws in combination with an integrated drill replace all conventional operation sequences with K-wire technique. There are great benefits for surgeons as well as for patients. Radical time savings during the operation process and extremely reduced X-ray exposure. The risk of k-wire migration is completely excluded.

The mediRod system offers in situ attachable pedicle screw heads. Thus the system is intended to be used together with miniaturised spinal spreading systems accessing via one incision.

One system – one screw type – one instrument set – adapted to all approaches of spinal fixation:

  • mediRod → for open technique
  • mediRod → for percutaneous technique
  • mediRod → percutaneous technique with in situ attachable screw heads

The surgical assistant benefits from versatile, multifunctional tools composed into a minimised set. The surgeon benefits from the stressless exact positioning of the pedicle screws.

The mediRod system offers implants for the following techniques:

  • → dorsal decompression
  • → dorsal fusion
  • → dorsal release
  • → iliac screw fixation (additional screw lengths)