ROMEO®2 LC - Long Construct Fixation

After five years of commercialisation of our ROMEO posterior fixation system, ROMEO2 introduces a complete update of the existing instrumentation, while preserving the companys philosophy of simplicity, reflected in reduced, intuitive and ergonomic instrument sets.

Extending the ROMEO2 range, the ROMEO2 LC system enables procedures to address spinal deformities.

  • ROMEO2 LC is indicated to perform long construct surgeries for tumor, trauma and scoliosis treatments.
  • A range of autostable hooks, screws and rod connectors enables patient specific constructs and allows a real intraoperative choice for the surgeon.
  • The instruments are designed for a simple and efficient use.

With the ROMEO2 and the ROMEO2 LC systems, Spineart continues to deliver on its commitment to offer the widest range of treatment options to spine surgeons and their patients.

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