By: 1 September 2011

YODA® Dynamic Posterior Device

The dynamic posterior device YODA is a completely new concept for the treatment of disc herniation and recurrent disc herniation.

The elasticity of the YODA implant is the key feature which is designed to re-stabilise the natural biomechanical state, allowing for rebalancing and stabilisation of the spinal segment. It is not a simple spacer; it is designed to put the treated segment back under tension by opening the foramen.

The surgical technique is a minimally invasive approach allowing the surgeon to insert the YODA through a small unilateral incision.

The spring allows for the flexion/extension movements of the implant, giving it its elasticity. The Vs are the connection between the spinous processes and the implant, containing stabilising teeth to anchor the implant.

The YODA dynamic posterior device is designed for surgeons who are looking for a completely new treatment method for the young patient population!