By: 1 September 2011

Cohesion® Bone Cement from Vexim

Cohesion Bone Cement is a PolyMethyl MethAcrylat (PMMA) implant with specific and unique properties used for the Fixation of fractured vertebral bodies. Especially in the case of complex fragmented fractures with underlying pathologies affecting bone quality, it is of utmost importance to have a full control over the cement injection and reliable long term results through:

· Appropriate high viscosity The Cohesion Bone Cement has been formulated to reach an optimal viscosity of a minimum 350 Pa.s at injection time, allowing the cement to create a sphere-shape, important to avoid leakage.

· Sustained high viscosity Cohesion Bone Cement has been designed to allow an appropriate preparation – while avoiding any waiting time.

The injection or dough phase has been designed to be exceptionally long, nearly 18 minutes at 18c for a comfortable management of the fixation phase.

· High Radio-opacity With 45% of Zirconium oxide as radio-opacifiant, Cohesion Bone Cement has been formulated to provide state-of-the-art visibility while being injected.

Long term results Based on more than 50 years of excellent PMMA clinical history, Cohesion Bone Cement, is a fully biocompatible implant made with the latest generation of compounds.

Cohesion Bone Cement along with the use of Vexims SpineJack system both preserve bone trabeculae and improve cement interdigitation.