By: 1 December 2010

Cadisc-L Elastomimetic Lumbar Disc, from Ranier Technology is the revolutionary, new single unit Arthroplasty device for the treatment of degenerative disc disease in the lumbar spine.

Unique in design, it has a graduated stiffness from nucleus to annulus, with no (debris generating) articulating components. Biomechanical testing shows that the unique nature of the Elastomimetic Cadisc-L provides a moving centre of rotation, mimicking the physiological characteristics of the natural disc, thus giving the potential for reduced adjacent segment degeneration

Unlike other lumbar disc replacement devices, Cadisc-L has no metal end-plates. Instead, the end plate surfaces, (which incorporate calcium phosphate-coated low-profile fixation ribs) are similar in modulus to the vertebral end-plates, with the potential to minimise stress shielding within the adjacent vertebrae.

Tantalum markers, located on the end plates superiorly and inferiorly, allow for X-ray visualisation and optimal implant positioning is facilitated by the Surgeon-designed user friendly instrumentation.