By: 1 June 2010

Perpos PLS System from Interventional Spine Inc is the first and only PERCUTANEOUS transfacet-pedicular compression system for posterior stabilisation of lumbar spine fusion, at single or multiple levels, without cumbersome rod-and-screw-technology.

The BONE-LOK Implant features CLASP technology (Compression Locking Anchor with Secondary Purchase) which features a unique double-helical thread that allows placement into a precise position, followed by compression that is achieved secondarily through the advancement of the unidirectional compressible collar. The BONE-LOK Implant accommodates all patients utilising one size, leaving less hardware in the patient while preserving the adjacent facet joints. The Teleport Tissue Retractor provides sequential dilation for a truly PERCUTANEOUS approach, two level stabilisation (L4/L5/S1) can be performed through one 15mm midline incision. The surgical implantation is simple and the over-the-wire technique aids accurate placement.

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