SmartCages™ and SmartSpacers™ from Orthopaedic Innovation Limited

SmartCages and SmartSpacers are the latest addition to the range of specialist products offered by Orthopaedic Innovation Limited, a member of the Medsmart Solutions family.

Featuring a rounded rim to preserve the surrounding structures during insertion, a large area in which to place bone graft and produced in Titanium G5 and Peek Optima – a polymer with exceptional bio compatible tested qualities – the SmartCage Cervical Cages are designed to allow the perfect union of the cage with the cervical plates.

Other features include primary fixation pins which help initial fixation whilst diminishing the possibility of anteropulsion and the inclusion of two titanium markings ensures that the implants can be detected on X-Ray check ups.

SmartCage Lumbar Cages are also produced in Titanium G5 and Peek Optima and are available in two models, straight and angle shaped in order to adapt easily to the lumbar anatomy.

SmartSpacers are designed to allow a flexible and dynamic distraction of the posterior rachis which reduces complications and possible breakages of spine apophysis. They also allow minimal invasive technique which reduces the operation time and the risk.