By: 1 March 2009

Pioneer Surgical Technology launched P3 (Pioneer Peek-on-Peek) Technology product, the BacJac Interspinous Decompression System.

The BacJac system is designed to relieve pain in patients with Neurogenic Intermittent Claudication (NIC) due to Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS).

The BacJac achieves spinal decompression by limiting the symptomatic extension while maintaining physiologic motion.

BacJacs minimally invasive, unilateral surgical approach reduces operating room and patient recovery time, while preserving future surgical options. BacJac is a self-deploying, non-fusion device which is tissue sparing and ligament preserving.

Because of its large contact area with the spinous processes and its near-physiologic modulus, the BacJac ensures a minimal risk of subsidence. Pioneers P3 motion preservation products offer excellent wear resistance, established biocompatibility, biodurability and radiolucency.