Robotic Technology Provides Virtually Unrestricted

The Artis zeego from Siemens is a newly launched multi-axis C-arm for advanced surgical imaging.

It employs robotic technology to extend imaging capabilities through virtually unrestricted C-arm positioning.

The systems flexibility makes it ideal for use in complicated operating room environments and offers advanced cross-sectional imaging not achievable with traditional C-arm systems.

Advanced pre- and post-operative imaging can be performed in the same room, enabling surgery to be started directly, without transferring the patient, in emergency situations when interventional procedures are unsuccessful. Artis zeegos flexible park positioning enables it to be stowed away in a variety of space-saving positions.

The position of the isocentre can be adjusted in accordance with procedural needs or the height of the physician. This is beneficial to a physician during lengthy procedures and also enables off-centre rotational angiography for all areas of the body and supports advanced 3D imaging techniques, including cross-sectional imaging through Siemens first-to-market syngo DynaCT. syngo DynaCT enables large volume scans by rotating the detector to a portrait orientation. This gives better coverage in the saggital plane and can image the whole Thoracic spine.