By: 1 June 2007

Xograph Healthcare, the leading supplier of innovative medical equipment, is to supply Ziehm Imagings direct digital mobile C-Arm with fully integrated surgical navigation system to the UK and Irish marketplace.

The unique system, called the CAPPA IS, combines Ziehms best-of-breed direct digital 3D mobile surgical C-arm technology and the latest surgical navigation system.

The system provides surgeons with the ultimate flexibility in specialist orthopaedic and spinal surgical procedures. The technology shows the surgeon the exact location and orientation of surgical instruments assisting with operative procedures and planning, before, during and after incision.

Modules available for system include CAPPA SPINE 3DZ and CAPPA for Orthopaedics.

CAPPA SPINE 3DZ is designed for safe navigation in spinal surgery. It enables the simple planning and quick placing of pedicle screws. The navigation is based upon an intra-operative 3D-data set of the spine column. With the help of an infrared camera and reference marker spheres on the surgical instruments, the surgeon plans various trajectories in the data record. The operating tools such as awl or drill are then guided along the planned access paths. During the procedure, the positioning of instruments and screws can be tracked on the monitor.

The CAPPA SPINE 3DZ also displays other important information on the monitor such as the angle and drilling depth, in 3D and in relation to the anatomy. The surgeon has complete control over the drilling process and pedicle screws can be placed precisely so that the risk of post-operative complications can be minimised.