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Unravelling the origins of the human spine

The spinal column is the central supporting structure of the skeleton in all vertebrates. Not only does it provide a place for muscles to attach, it also protects the spinal


Researchers trace spinal neuron family tree

Spinal cord nerve cells branching through the body resemble trees with limbs fanning out in every direction. But this image can also be used to tell the story of how


New mechanism of pain control revealed

Researchers in Japan have revealed a previously unknown mechanism for pain control involving a newly identified group of cells in the spinal cord, offering a potential target for enhancing the


Spinal stimulators repurposed to restore touch in lost limb

According to a new study from the University of Pittsburgh’s Rehab Neural Engineering Labs, spinal cord stimulators commonly used to relieve chronic pain could provide a straightforward and universal method


Spinal cord is ‘smarter’ than previously thought

It is well known that the circuits in this part of our nervous system, which travel down the length of our spine, control seemingly simple things like the pain reflex


Electrical signals could help repair injured spinal cords

Electrical signals could help repair injured spinal cords A professor at Wichita State University is taking a special approach to the study of spinal cord injuries through research that uses


Acting on impulse – spinal cord stimulation

Acting on impulse SSN talks to neurosurgeon Stana Bojanic about how spinal cord stimulation can be used to treat chronic neuropathic pain Interview by Ann Blythman Spinal Surgery News caught


Findings identify receptors modulating macrophages response to spinal cord injury

Findings identify receptors modulating macrophage responses to spinal cord injury “When it comes to spinal cord injury, macrophages are a ‘double-edged sword’, providing both neural repair-promoting properties and pathological functions


Spinal cord axon injury location determines regenerative fate of neuron

Spinal cord axon injury location determines neuron’s regenerative fate Scientists at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have reported a previously unappreciated phenomenon in which the location of

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Telecommunications the key to spinal cord disorders treatment

The key to treat spinal cord disorders lies in information communication technology, says Professor Ozgur Baris Akan from Koç University in Istanbul. As part of a new research project, prof.