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Increased activity not always the best advice for neck and back pain

The Norwegian Directorate for Health and Human Affairs recommends more physical activity and less sitting time. But that isn’t the right approach to managing neck and back pain for everyone,


Results of the largest independent randomised controlled trial of a digital therapy against chronic pain

In the largest independent randomised controlled trial (RCT) of its type, a multimodal app-based digital therapy programme for patients with non-specific low back pain has outperformed standard-of-care treatment across all


Physio tech company steps in to tackle COVID-19 lockdown neck and back pain emergency

Millions of workers operating from home could be creating a backlog of neck and back pain complaints which the NHS will struggle to cope with. Now physio therapy experts at


Patients experience more than 7 years delay to diagnosis of axial spondyloarthritis due to incorrect referrals

Axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) is associated with chronic back pain. Although the first symptoms frequently occur at an early age, often many years pass until the correct diagnosis is made. This


The development of a 3D-printed headset to promote recovery from spinal injury

Reva Jane discusses how 3D printing is transforming spinal cord injury recovery While back pain and spinal injuries are usually associated with strenuous physical activities, long periods of inactivity can


Most surgeons in pain after surgery, Mayo research finds

Almost two-thirds of surgeons reported an increase in neck pain after performing surgery, and one-quarter rated their neck or lower back pain as clinically significant, a new Mayo Clinic study has found.


Age-related changes to the cartilaginous tissue of the spine could invite painful nerve growth

Researchers say they have added to evidence that the vast majority of low back pain in people may be rooted in an overgrowth of pain-sensing nerves into spinal cartilaginous tissue.


Back pain app outperforms physiotherapy in clinical trial

Kaia Health, a digital therapeutics company, announced results from the first randomised controlled trial of its app-based therapy programme for patients with non-specific low back pain. Detailed results of the study


Self-assessing back pain by app is just as effective as traditional methods

Patients can assess their own back pain using an app on their phone or tablet as effectively as current paper methods, a study from the University of Warwick has shown.


The back pain drugs don’t work

Commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, used to treat back pain provide little benefit, but cause side effects, according to new research from The George Institute for Global