By: 28 May 2024
An exciting breakthrough in SCI treatment

ONWARD Medical’s Up-LIFT trial pioneers new horizons in SCI treatment.

In a significant advancement for spinal cord injury (SCI) research, ONWARD Medical recently announced the publication of its global Up-LIFT trial results in Nature Medicine. The study showcases groundbreaking findings that offer new hope for individuals suffering from chronic tetraplegia.

The Up-LIFT trial, a comprehensive study conducted at 14 leading SCI centres across the United States, Europe, and Canada, was designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of ONWARD’s non-invasive ARC-EX Therapy.


What is ARC-EX Therapy?

This innovative approach targets spinal cord stimulation to enhance upper limb mobility and has demonstrated substantial benefits in terms of strength, functionality, and sensory improvement.


Study Achievements:

  • Effective and Safe: The trial successfully met all primary safety and effectiveness endpoints, with no adverse effects exceeding expectations.
  • Remarkable Response Rates: A notable 72% of participants met the conservative criteria for improvement, with the figure rising to 90% under broader outcome measures.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Beyond physical gains, the therapy significantly reduced muscle spasm frequency, improved sleep patterns, and enhanced participants’ overall sense of well-being.

“ARC-EX Therapy’s success in the trial far exceeded our initial hypotheses of a 50% response rate,” explained Chet Moritz, Ph.D., the publication’s lead author and co-Principal Investigator. “These results not only demonstrate enhanced physical capabilities but also signify a monumental leap in our ability to improve the daily lives of those with SCI.”

The therapy’s success has spurred ONWARD Medical to accelerate efforts toward regulatory approval. With submission already made to the FDA and preparations underway for European regulatory submission, the company aims to make ARC-EX Therapy available to the public as swiftly as possible.

Spinal Research Chief Vision Officer Harvey Sihota said: “These promising results mark an exciting stride toward restoring hope, function and independence for people living with spinal cord injury, even for those injured many years ago.

“The Up-LIFT study demonstrates the powerful potential of non-invasive spinal stimulation technology, combined with targeted rehabilitation, to deliver meaningful improvements in strength, function and quality of life for certain spinal cord injuries.

“As we eagerly anticipate its regulatory clearance, Spinal Research remains steadfast in our commitment to supporting science and innovation that transforms lives and takes us further on the journey towards our vision of curing paralysis.”


Source: Spinal Research