By: 22 April 2024
NCIP rollout to 400 consultant spinal surgeons

A national rollout of the National Consultant Information Programme (NCIP) portal is under way to all consultant spinal surgeons in England, enabling them to review their individual outcomes data to improve clinical quality and patient safety.

Around 400 consultant spinal surgeons have now been registered on the portal, gaining access to around 30 dashboards of high-quality, specialty-specific data. Procedures include high volume procedures such as posterior lumbar discectomy and decompression, and specialist surgical conditions such as intradural intramedullary tumour excision.

How NCIP can support you?

NCIP is a versatile tool that can be applied to different aspects of your role, whether that’s as a consultant, Medical Director, Responsible Officer or Clinical Lead, NCIP can support you with:

  • Appraisal and re-validation
  • Learning and development
  • Clinical governance
  • Quality improvement
  • Leadership and oversight
  • Evidencing excellence
  • Tracking innovative and HVLC procedures
  • Research and audit